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How much better could you be in your administrative professional role if you had instant and ongoing access every day to practical advice, news, ideas and tips specifically relevant to your administrative job and career that you could put to use starting today?

Could you…

√… maintain or improve your job performance?

√ …further impress your employer (or prospective employers) with your expertise?

√ …better manage your career as an administrative professional?

√ …implement new strategies and processes to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of both you and those you support?

√ …come up with new ideas and inspiration you can tweak and call your own relevant to your work, making you a more innovative and valuable admin in your company?

YES, you can do all that with the tips and knowledge available in Virtual Association for Administrative Professionals (VAAP) educational resources.

The Virtual Association for Administrative Professionals provides articles, advice, tips, information and resources for administrative assistants, executive assistants, secretaries, and all administrative professionals of any job title at any level in their career. This is available from and accessed through the online VAAP Private Member eLearning Community. That means you can access all of the information on demand virtually (online) on your time. Learn a little here and there on your breaks or down-time at work or learn a lot on your own hours at home. You’ll be given a username and password when you join so you can access this eLearning Community. Log in and browse, read, and learn. It’s that simple.

VAAP Private Member Web Site

VAAP Private Member Web Site

This VAAP Private Member eLearning Community includes online article content, links to useful resources and tools on the Web, special reports, downloadable digital publications, archived newsletters and current newsletter issues—all produced for administrative assistants and executive assistants (or any administrative professional title or level).

The resources there help you maintain and improve your job performance in your administrative role and manage your career in your chosen administrative profession and cover these topics targeted toward administrative assistants and executive assistants:


You will find many downloadable publications there on those topics as well as articles and tips—including many tips from your own administrative professional colleagues too.


This new Guide/Workbook is included too (PDF format). It’s especially useful if you’re thinking about initiating meetings of the administrative professionals in your company.


Karen PorterVAAP is an online resource produced by Karen Porter, owner of The Effective Admin (TEA) brand of continuous learning resources for administrative professionals that first provided assistance and tools to administrative assistants and executive assistants in 2004.

As a job performance and career success coach and advisor to administrative assistants and executive assistants globally for 10+ years, Porter’s specialty is serving administrative professionals like you with job performance and career management advice.

As a member of VAAP, you will get a current subscription to The Effective Admin newsletter (8 pages/PDF format/6 issues per year). This is a newsletter for administrative assistants and executive assistants that offers articles, tips and advice to help you on the job and with managing your career. It contains feature articles on topics of interest to administrative professionals including columns with tips on technology and business writing.

All of the archives of this newsletter (dating back to 2004) are also available to VAAP members for free at the Private Member Web Site.

The Effective Admin Newsletter

A current subscription to The Effective Admin newsletter (PDF format) is included in VAAP membership resources plus all archived issues and content for the newsletter dating back to 2004.

In addition to The Effective Admin newsletter current subscription and archives, you’ll have access to read and download The Effective Admin Tips Series.

⇒ ⇒ ⇒ That’s 375 pages of easy-to-read articles and tips specifically for administrative professionals like you to use on the job and in your career.

Each individual publication in the Tips Series focuses on a single topic (e.g. minute taking, working for multiple managers, meeting planning and scheduling, travel coordination, etc.).

The Tips Series is a total of 22 digital publications that you can download and keep (or read online at the VAAP Private Member eLearning Community). The individual Tips Series documents are 8 1/2″ x 11″ PDF format publications jam packed with information and tips—not fluff.

Topics covered in the Tips Series: problem solving | time management | professional image | office organization | goal setting | internet research | e-mail etiquette and management | meeting planning and coordination | event planning and coordination | minute taking | office ergonomics | domestic travel arrangement coordination | international travel arrangement coordination | partnering with your manager or executive and managing up | prioritizing your workload | web conferencing | audio conferencing | video conferencing | supporting multiple “bosses” | telephone skills | assertiveness

TS01SolutionsCover  TS02TimeManagementCover  TS03RespectCover  TS04OrganizingCover  TS05GoalSettingCover  TS06InternetResearchCover  TS07EmailManagementCover  TS08MeetingsCover  TS09LargeMeetingsAndEventsC  TS10ConferenceTechnologyCho  TS11WebConferencesCover  TS12AudioConferencesCover  TS13VideoConferencesCover  TS14TravelCoordinationDomes  TS15TakingMinutesCover  TS16ErgonomicsCover  TS17PartneringCover  TS18PrioritizationCover  TS19InternationalTravelCove  TS20SupportMultipleBossesCo  TS21TelephoneTipsCover  TS22AssertivenessCover

“So far (I purchased the package on Friday and had a very busy weekend and did not get much time to review) I have found the materials to be fabulous!! I am pleased by the volume (was afraid that there would not be much to the ‘tip sheets,’ but that was NOT the case) and have already found new and exciting information in the documents … cannot wait to get home this evening and begin reading!” —Executive Assistant

You also will get The Effective Admin In-Depth Special Report Series which covers eight topics specific to administrative professionals and includes…

… original research from surveys with working administrative professionals

… additional expert advice from Admin Pro Coach and Advisor Karen Porter

Download these multi-page reports or read them online:

BookCoverSpecialReport8-175 BookCoverSpecialReport9-175 BookCoverSpecialReport10-175 BookCoverSpecialReport11-175 BookCoverSpecialReport12-175 BookCoverSpecialReport13-175 BookCoverSpecialReport14-175 BookCoverSpecialReport15-175

Plus when you join VAAP as an individual member, you will be issued a membership certificate (company rate memberships do not get a certificate). Feel free to display this certificate in a frame by your desk and mention your membership to employers during performance reviews or on resumes to potential employers. Continuous learning in your field is a good thing! Make it a talking point that shows you have the edge among administrative professionals and are a leader in your field and proud of your administrative career and role. The best administrative professionals never stop learning!

VAAP Certificate

All individual VAAP members get a digital membership certificate. Frame it, display it, put it in your career portfolio — demonstrate that you love to continuously learn in your administrative field to maintain your expertise.

The role of the administrative professional is constantly changing, sometimes fast, and you need to build and maintain a wide variety of practical skills and knowledge that you can apply in your workplace and career now. VAAP learning materials can be an addition to your current personal administrative professional reference library or supplement any administrative professional training you’re currently participating in.

Take action today and join now. All of the VAAP educational resources are electronic and either downloadable or viewable online at the VAAP Private Member Web Site. You access the private site with a username and password (details e-mailed to you when you join). There are various payment options to join VAAP listed on the next page. Choose the one that suits your budget and individual or company needs.


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Don’t ask, “Why should I invest in VAAP?” Instead ask, “Why should I invest in myself?” That’s the real question.

“Today, you are not investing in the VAAP or in an association membership. You are investing in yourself: your continuous growth in your administrative professional career, your knowledge expansion, your success. When you realize and accept that mindset, you’ve grown further in your administrative professional career. It’s about you!”

—Karen Porter, Founder and President of Virtual Association for Administrative Professionals and of The Effective Admin