Q: Who can be a member of Virtual Association for Administrative Professionals (VAAP)?

A: Anyone (i.e. any individual and any company). However, the educational and informational materials provided by VAAP are targeted toward administrative professionals such as administrative assistants and executive assistants who work on site for employers. Here are some examples of administrative professional job titles.

Q: Is this an organization for virtual assistants?

A: No. This virtual association is targeted toward administrative support employees who work on site at companies for employers. However, virtual assistants (VA’s) are welcome to join and some have joined already. It’s just that not all of the educational material and resources at VAAP will be relevant to VA’s.

For example, advice on how to deal with negative conflict with your coworkers may not be relevant to a VA because she works from her home office and doesn’t have any coworkers. However, advice on items like utilizing software or business writing tips would be useful to both administrative professionals working for employers and virtual assistants (who are independent contractors).

Here is more information on the difference between a virtual assistant and an administrative professional such as an administrative assistant or executive assistant, as well as some differentiation between the phrases “virtual assistant” and a “remote employee.”

Q: What does the “virtual” in Virtual Association for Administrative Professionals mean?

A: The “virtual” refers to the fact that this is an online association and resource (virtual) with no physical headquarters. All information is delivered online.

Q: Who produces and operates VAAP?

A: Karen Porter is founder and president of The Effective Admin and Virtual Association for Administrative Professionals brands of educational and informational resources for administrative professionals. She is a virtual job performance and career success coach and advisor to administrative professionals who has been assisting administrative assistants, executive assistants, secretaries and all administrative professionals of any job title or administrative level with professional development and training since 2004. Prior to 2004, Porter worked on site for employers herself as an employee for 18 years in various positions including administrative professional but also other types of roles. Porter is the author of the recently released book Communication Strategies for Administrative Professionals (available at Amazon.com) and multiple educational publications and resources specifically produced for administrative assistants and executive assistants. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in journalism and communications from the University of Florida.

Q: What will I learn in VAAP?

A: The educational resources provided to members of VAAP are varied but in general, they are categorized into these topics (listed in alphabetical order below and not necessarily by priority):

  • Business writing skills
  • Career management skills
  • Health, safety, security, and well-being
  • Interpersonal and communication skills
  • Manager/executive support skills
  • Managerial skills for admins
  • Meeting and event planning, coordination and participation skills
  • Office technology and technical skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Time and workload management skills
  • Travel planning and coordination skills

Q: Are there live instructors in VAAP?

A: No. All of the information is self-directed learning provided in written resources such as downloadable (PDF format) publications and online content. All of the material is authored, produced and/or compiled by Karen Porter, virtual job performance and career success coach and advisor to administrative professionals since 2004. You learn at your own pace. This is self-directed learning on your own time. However, you may contact Karen Porter at any time in regard to questions about the materials. Email: karen@albeepublishing.com

Q: Will I get a certificate of any kind?

A: You will get a membership certificate when you join VAAP and each year you renew membership. You may display your membership certificate in your career portfolio (as well as list membership on your resume) or wherever you want. Frame it even and let it be a talking point / conversation starter with your employer that you invest in your professional development and stay abreast of current practices in your administrative field on your own time.

Q: How is this association different than other associations for administrative professionals, and why should I choose to join VAAP instead of those other associations?

A: VAAP is a virtual association for administrative support employees who are committed to learning and implementing best practices as an administrative professional. It’s not meant to replace your membership in other educational and professional development associations for administrative assistants and executive assistants; it’s meant to supplement other association memberships and educational resources and your continuous learning efforts in your field. Of course, you can choose to just learn from VAAP, but if you prefer to learn from a multitude of educational associations and resources, that’s good too.

Q: What do my administrative peers say about the usefulness of VAAP materials?

A: After reading some of the VAAP educational and informational materials and resources, your administrative colleagues said they…

·  …discovered plenty of topics to help them increase their productivity, knowledge, organization, and more.

·  …gained tools to remain successful in their profession and be a valuable asset to their directors and companies.

·  …enjoyed the publications because they gave them helpful tips but also made them think.

You can read more about what your administrative peers said about VAAP materials here.