Customer Comments

“I Have Already Found So Much Information That I Can Use”

“I have been receiving your newsletters for quite some time now and have thoroughly enjoyed reading them. I had a membership with another organization for admins, but did not really get much from the website to enhance my knowledge or skills. I am so glad that I reviewed your membership page before thinking of renewing that membership. I have already found so much information that I can use, and I’ve only checked out two tabs! Thank you for gathering and putting this information out there. I wish I had had the sense to utilize it years ago!”

Elizabeth P. Hennessey, administrative assistant to the dean, Fort Worth, Texas

“VAAP Has Helped Me With My Job”

“I renewed my subscription this past Sunday. I really enjoy being a part of VAAP. It has helped me with my job over the past two years. Thank you, Karen.”

Linda R. Albrecht, Saint Louis, Missouri

“I Can’t Wait to Spend More Time on the Site!”

“Thank you, Karen. I had the opportunity yesterday to start perusing the eLearning Community and was impressed with the content. I love to read and learn and I can’t wait to spend more time on the site!”

Allison Poorman, executive assistant, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“One of the Best Products I Have Found”

“I am responsible for training new EA’s and this is one of the best products I have found for EA training.”

Kathy L. Jordan, executive assistant, Decatur, Texas


*Note: The product described on this page was once called An Effective Admin VIP subscription membership—until I decided to change the name to VAAP membership. Some of the customer testimonials on this page refer to the exact same product materials but under both product names.

Even better, each and every year, I add more practical and useful information for you to this VAAP membership product—so if you purchase VAAP membership today, you get even more advice, information and benefits than I’ve ever offered before. The product contents just keeps growing!

Karen Porter, producer of the VAAP membership package and coach and advisor to administrative professionals

“I Want to be a Better Admin”

“I purchased this product because I want to be a better admin and I will do whatever it takes to get there. I love this product. It makes you think and gives helpful tips.”

Michele Duke, executive assistant to CIO, Houston, Texas

“Just What I had Been Looking for”

“The material is great, just what I had been looking for, very detailed. My favorite is the tip sheets.”

Norma Ramirez-Hall, administrative assistant, Sugar Land, Texas

“I was Looking for an Edge.”

“I purchased the products because I was looking for an edge — they have given me priceless tools to remain successful in my profession and allow me to be a valuable asset to my directors and my company. The products are useful in many, if not all aspects of my job as an administrative professional”

Debbie Ryan, admin assistant, Santa Clara, California

“I’m Worth it!”

“I purchased the product package because I’m worth it! I love my job and want to continue to strive to be the absolute best at it. I love this product and all of the information it contains. It’s relevant and helpful in a variety of ways….

Shannon Farrell, administrative assistant to the Dean of Academic Affairs, Herkimer, New York

“I’ve Actually Learned Something From Everything I Have Read”

“I bought the product because I am always looking to further my knowledge and the publications looked very promising…. I haven’t had as much time as I’d like to read everything I’ve received, but I have enjoyed everything I have read so far. I’ve actually learned something from everything I have read. I haven’t read the tips in order and I’m currently reading tip 2 and I LOVE IT!!!”

Carolyn Isherwood, department specialist IV, San Diego, California

“I am Getting New Ways of Doing Things”

“I purchased this product to help me improve in my profession. I think the product is great! I am getting new ways of doing things. I am now using the agenda for the travel itinerary. The information you provide is just right.”

Name Withheld for Privacy, executive assistant, New York, New York

“I Want to be the Best Executive Admin Assistant That I can be.”

“I purchased this product because I want to be the best executive admin assistant that I can be. I especially found the internet research links recommended useful, as well as how to log internet research, etc. Moreover, I like the goal setting information as well. I definitely have learned extra tips throughout the entire course of information that was provided, and think that this is a great help for any executive assistant looking for ideas on ways to enhance and improve their role within an organization. Additionally, I like the suggestions provided with the email management section; the part about … is a great tip that I immediately started to incorporate and think that it really helps when there is such a high volume of emails transmitted throughout the day.”

Michele L.Hogan, executive administrative assistant, Provo, Utah

“I am grateful for your site. It has changed my life.

Dear Karen,

I just can’t put into words how much your site means to me. I use the tools every day. I had reached a point in my job where I was being given multiple projects without clear direction. After several weeks of struggling daily with not only managing my projects but trying to overcome the feeling of carrying a 1000 lb. pack on my back, I had come to my wits end; something had to change and it had to be immediately. I decided to do a search for any help out there for administrative assistants.

Your site was the first one I came across. As I began reading a few pages I was captivated and the rest was history. I immediately felt a huge sense of relief and calm, finally the answers and direction I had been asking for. You see, when I started out in the work world, being an administrative assistant was never the top of my list. I didn’t feel I had the personality for it, and the ones I knew were always so busy and hurried that I didn’t want that for me. Well, 30 years later here I am. If I could give you the feeling finding this site has meant to me. It has helped me to own my job and want a career, not just a job, and to continue to learn how to do all the things that an administrative professional does.

The fact that there is an association that provides assistance to ones like myself who have struggled over the years trying to do things people assume you automatically know how to do is in itself, PRICELESS.”

With deep appreciation, Leslie R Tiongison, administrative assistant, Washington, DC

“Karen, you have been supplying each of us in the administrative support roles since 2004 with exactly what we needed to make our success possible.

Some of the things written were simple ideas and things that we already knew but refreshed what’s often forgotten.I appreciate the organizational tips that I hadn’t thought of that are especially useful while supporting multiple executives. Your publications have become a reference book for my top drawer! I especially enjoy the spelling and grammar refreshers that we may have forgotten since school.

I appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge and personal time given in each of your publications. Your passion to share and mentor those in our field is evident and very much appreciated. Even as I am in career transition, I will remain a TEA/VAAP member to maintain that competitive edge and continue to learn best practices.”

With the utmost admiration and gratitude, Dawn Hill, executive assistant, Atlanta, Georgia

“Hello Karen, I am so excited to be a member of the VAAP.

It is an honor to be a part of any program you initiate. My membership is one of which I am personally doing (not the company), and I feel great about that because it benefits my personal growth as well as the company.

I have benefited not only from The Effective Admin newsletters but your being there when I needed another voice … whereby in many cases your insight helped me set the record straight for myself. I am so grateful you took time out from your busy schedule to respond back to me.

I remember back in March, I was placed under new management after 20 or so years of working with the same group of people and you helped me manage to stay on track by your words of wisdom. Also, if you remember, I am the admin who is over 60 years old and was laid off from a large energy company last year and was offered a position the same day as the termination date. Most of my colleagues were saying how difficult it would be for someone my age to find a job…not if you believe in yourself and continue the path.

I am where I should be on this leg of my career…amazing how things work out….since joining this company almost one year ago, you again were instrumental in helping me get on track with working in a new field. Karen, please stand and take a bow for I believe you have been a ‘SHINING STAR’ in so many of our lives. Definitely in mine!”

Thank you, Dora Cranford, executive assistant, Houston, Texas

Lifetime Member of VAAP