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1. MOST POPULAR OPTION: Individual (as in “just you”) is a 12-month VAAP membership subscription for $165. Click Here to Buy Now.  This includes access to the VAAP private member Web site, a current subscription to The Effective Admin newsletter (PDF format), and a VAAP membership certificate in your name (PDF format).

2. “I WANT TO SHARE IT” OPTION: Company (as in “you’re free to share and distribute these resources to everyone and anyone in your company”) is a 12-month VAAP membership subscription for $497. Click Here to Buy Now.  This includes access to the VAAP private member Web site and a current subscription to The Effective Admin newsletter (PDF format). But you will not get a VAAP membership certificate because the certificates are only for individuals, not companies. With a company membership you have my permission (license) to distribute the VAAP resources to every employee in your company (or just the administrative professionals in your company if you want). This is the membership you need to buy when you need to ask me “How can I share these VAAP resources with my coworkers or all the other admins in my company?”


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Contact Karen Porter at for it.


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Karen PorterKaren Porter, coach and advisor to thousands of administrative professionals globally, and her company, Albee Publishing Company, LLC, owns the Virtual Association for Administrative Professionals and The Effective Admin brand of resources and operates virtually from the USA. There is no physical headquarters open to walk-in visitors or in-person chapters. All business is conducted online and by e-mail (occasionally by fax or phone). Please contact Karen Porter at if you need further information. You will usually receive a response within 24 to 48 hours during Monday through Friday, often sooner.