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Articles for Administrative Assistants, Executive Assistants, and Their Managers:

Training Topics for Administrative Staff – If you are a manager, executive, human resources employee or lead administrative professional trying to track down ideas for training topics for administrative staff in your company, you’re in the right place. Read this and you’ll get ideas now.

Administrative Professional Job Titles — Administrative assistant and executive assistant are popular titles for administrative professionals but not the only titles in use for these office professionals. Read more about job titles for administrative professionals in this article.

What is a Virtual Assistant vs. an Administrative Assistant? — Have you seen the title virtual assistant and wondered what is the difference between a virtual assistant and an administrative assistant or executive assistant? There is a difference.

Mistakes Managers Make in Setting Goals for Administrative Assistants — Learn the right way to set goals for your administrative assistant or executive assistant.

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Books for Administrative Assistants, Executive Assistants, and Their Managers:

♦  Communication Strategies for Administrative Professionals by Karen Porter; this is my book about — you guessed it — communication strategies specifically for administrative professionals. Well, actually I think all employees in the workplace can benefit by the tips in this book, but I’ve targeted my examples in the book toward administrative assistants and executive assistants (and similar titles/same roles) in particular. This is a book to help you in your administrative professional role on the job but also in your career development. The right communication strategies can always take you in the direction you want to go.

Get a copy of this book for yourself and read it at home or on your lunch break. Or get a copy of this book for every administrative professional in your company. Then discuss the book sections in a “book club” session at your next meeting of administrative professionals in your company or by itself as a “lunch and learn” session topic. Learn from the topics in the book or use them as conversation starters to expand on the topics discussed in each chapter. This book comes in paperback print format or Kindle format (sold at at the link above). The print format may be found at other online bookstores too in addition to

PS: This book is not included in VAAP membership materials but some of the material and concepts covered in the book are posted here and there in VAAP materials at the VAAP private member online eLearning community Web site — but not all of it; about 50% of the material is exclusive to the book only.

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